Watch JAV IPX-149 It Was Taken Down By The Insanity Stalker That Was Attached To The First Insulting Purity Girls College Student … Sakuraku Momomo

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Been waiting for this one to be released and I was anticipating it will be a good movie as I like Momo-chan and rape genre. I believe this is her first rape movie.

The story is about the antagonist (doctor) who likes Momo-chan. Her father was hospitalized and it seems like she frequently visits him. In the first scene, we saw Momo-chan gave a red flower to our antagonist as a gesture of appreciation for taking good care of her father. Little she knows that he had felt on her. On the following day, her dad told her that the doctor left a bouquet of flowers for her. She immediately looks for him and returns it back. She explained that she has a fiance and looks like they getting married.

On that night, Momo-chan and her fiance were on their dining table. The couple was discussing something and also Momo-chan opened a gift may be received from her fiance. She was checking how wonderful the shirt she received and noticed a shadow passed by of the window. Her fiance look on her baffled then she noticed the protagonist standing behind his fiance. The protagonist strikes his fiance on the head with a bouquet of flower before she can say a word. Her fiance became unconscious. She tried to rouse him but there is no response on him. He might be dead as the antagonist revealed a metal rod hiding inside the bouquet and he might strike him very hard on to his head resulting in her fiance’s death. The antagonist proceeds to rape her. He forced to shove his cock into her mouth before he banged her. She had a little bit of resistance and the sex was mild rough. Her dad was shocked to see the fiance was left lifeless on the chair and the doctor was putting up his clothes after he raped Momo-chan. He left the house and she screams.

Next scene, we see Momo-chan living with his dad and looks like she recovered from the traumatic event she had. Then we see our antagonist stalking on their home. It looks like he was not apprehended of what he did.

The following day, we see her dad left the house. This give the opportunity for our antagonist to sneak in. He managed to get in to the house and went to one of the room which in Momo-chan’s room. He opened one of the drawers and grabbed Momo-chan’s singlet. He smelled it and felt aroused to smell again Momo-chan’s odour. He went to open the other drawer and found a clothes on a plastic bag. He opened it and remembered that it was the clothes Momo-chan wear that night when he raped her. He sniffed the clothes and his face became bright as he reminisce the lustful sensation he felt while raping Momo-chan. He jumped on the her bed and sniffed her pillow. He found a strand of Momo-chan’s and sniffed the aroma of it. He then touched himself as he felt aroused of the smell his been longing to. Momo-chan arrived at home and was baffled to see her clothes all over the place. The antagonist appeared behind her and forced her to have sex. He’s been longing for it since the time he raped her. She puts a little bit of resistance and became complaint to his request. He raped her again. He banged her hand on different position then finished on her chest. The antagonist was not satisfied yet on his craving towards her. He’s been wanting her, his been longing to raped her and now he had the opportunity, he took advantage on it. After he came, he put his dick back inside her and gave her another hard banging sex then the scene cut.

Next, we saw Momo-chan serving a meal to our antagonist. It seems like she complied with him. He then toyed Momo-chan’s pussy using his foot while she’s eating.

We then see them in the room naked with all the mess around. She woke up and put her panty on. She grabbed the phone and attempted to ring someone. He suddenly grabbed her and stopped her plan. He then proceeds to fuck her. After they’ve done fucking, they noticed a siren and flashes outside. Our antagonist checked the phone and found out that emergency call was dialed in. This time he was arrested for raping Momo-chan.

The final scene, we see Momo-chan folding her clothes and putting it in the plastic bag. She remembered that she wore that clothes at the time she was raped for the second time. End of scene.

The acting was lacking in this movie. I love Momo-chan but her acting was kind of average. She has lack of facial expression during the conversation, although she did a good acting on the first rape scene. The succeeding scene was just average. Sex was hot and I can’t complain about that.

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