Watch JAV MIDE-582 Female Teacher Re X Gang Gang Takahashi Shocho

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I got a mixed opinion on this movie. Only two scenes that are awesome to watch while the rest scenes are pretty lame. It has a potentially for a good rape movie plus a good sex however the way it was directed, it had an ups and downs.

I’m not a huge fan of Shouko-chan, but I honestly admit she is gorgeous. The cover page of this movie gives me an excitement to watch it.

It has a fantastic start, one student went into Shouko sensai home to carry out his plan, Shouko-chan raped by her student and this is the start of her miserable life. The acting is spot on with good facial expression and resistant. The rape scene is also good. However next following scene didn’t went well, at least for me. As Shouko sensai become submissive to her student’s sexual harassment, the level of acting went down. Her facial expression gone, the student is quite bully but not forceful to her. It’s just frustrating as this has a good start. The final scene is good enough but they can make it better. I love how her students asked her to strip in front of them. It must be so embarrassing for her on the set (not on the movie) to get naked in front of many perv men, you can see her face that she’s not comfortable. The sex in this scene is satisfying but this is not a gangrape, she was sucking three cocks but Shouko-chan was fucked by two students.

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